13th April

I had a very awkward situation on my wedding day at the night time event. A friend who we invited was a raging alcoholic morning, day and night he has a very good job and quit drinking 8 years back so he had 8 years sobriety under his belt, however when I noticed him and his wife sitting at a table I noticed a pint in front of him he took me a good half an hour to decide how to approach him was it his beer? Was it non alocholic ? Was it beer at all? Anyway I went and sat down and just said in a joking manner back on the beer he just said yes but a long story I said I have time to listen he then told me him and his wife who was sitting with him were on holiday and she kept asking him go on have a couple your be fine so he did! I said are you mad he said Matt I don’t have the same craving as I did I just said be carful only you will know if it’s an issue again he said he was enjoying it I just thought he will be back to sq one in no time. I just found the whole situation bizarre !!😳 and even more mental was he wife who nearly left him telling him to drink again !!!!! 



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